Sunday, July 21, 2013

Powerful Yet Effective Love Spell - Takes Time

Crashing Wave Petals Spell

You will need rose petals and a serene, clear mind.  Doing this under the light of the full moon, preferably on a Friday in spring is helpful, but you can do it at any time of the year where the water is not frozen.  Its also most effective if you do this spell in the actual ocean.

Fresh petals you have grown yourself or that you buy or obtain from someone else will best serve you, but if you need to obtain freeze dried or dry rose petals, the spell will still work.

This spell is extremely effective and if you take a couple of months and think it didn't work, think again, it might take a couple of years, so make sure you want this person in your life forever or at least for a really long time!

As you sprinkle your petals into the tide that is going out, not coming in...recite these words, "As this rose flows out to sea so true love will come to me.".  If you have a photo or item this person owns on your person, it helps, but even without, its a very powerful, effective spell.

You can get rose petals at the links listed below online!  Red, of course, for love and passion works best!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bring Love to Your Door Spell

Want the one who's on your mind to think of you, too?  Here are two simple spells that will get them to come visit or get you to bump into them or get them to call you.

Lavender Contact Satchel

Place a package or satchel of lavender near your phone or computer, depending on how you want them to contact you.  

The mailbox works, too, easy!

Window Attraction Fruit

Place an orange in your window in the direction you wish for your subject to come from to visit you or so you can bump into them in the neighborhood.

Stud your orange with cloves, which are a brown pokey little herb similar to little brown herbal nails.

This will give you a point of contact so you can see and talk to this person.

Where to Get These Spell Items...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Basic Love & Attraction Spells

Basil Love Attraction Potion

This is an easy, basic starter spell that anyone can carry out!  It basically creates a starting point for an ice-breaking conversation and for a person you wish to notice you to finally do so in a physical and mental attraction sort of way.

If the moon is full, this spell will work more powerfully.  Doing on a Friday evening during a full moon will add some kick to your spell, but you can do it at any time of the month and it will attract love.

Simply combine basil and plain old tap water with a mortar and pestle and drain the potion into a potion bottle on a Friday.  You can also use a bowl and a spoon to combine your potion, but it will be quicker and combine more easily with the mortar and pestle.

Alternatively, you may wear basil oil to attract the attentions of your object of your desire.
 Wear the potion around the person you are trying to draw into your presence to get them to notice you and feel attraction towards you.

Rose Incense & Essence Love Passion Potion

This one is for a date night with the one you are trying to make an impression on.  

Apply rose oil or water at the points where you would place perfume such as your wrists and your neck.  You can also use rose water, but the essence of rose oil is much stronger and more effective.

Alternatively, you can crush up your own rose petals with a mortar and pestle and combine this with water and drain it into a potion vile for later use or you can combine it with a simple Vitamin-E oil or other oil for added homeopathic skin softening and smoothing benefits!

An added benefit, homeopathically speaking, is that rose water and oil are excellent for softening your skin so you can apply it like a lotion or body oil if you wish if you have enough ingredients to make a large batch of your potion.

How cool is that!?

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Simple House Cleansing & Protection Spell

You will love this one, because all it requires is some sage and some ordinary table salt. Sea salt tends to last longer as you may need to reapply your protection ring from time to time and continue to cleanse your home or space regularly when negative energy is allowed to enter by its inhabitants.

Simple Sage Cleansing Ritual

Make sure to open your windows and doors, if possible and be prepared for your cats to go insane if you have any, because they get cooky when you burn sage so be sure they have something cool to play with. A ball of string is a super choice!

Opening your windows and doors allows for negative energy and vibrations to exit and more easily facilitates your cleansing ritual, letting in sunshine, air, and positive energy flow in your space.

Optionally, you can burn white and/or blue candles for purity, peace, and serenity while you perform this ritual or after, or at any time you need tranquility to enter, also.

Begin by using a sage bundle or loose sage, which you can house on an ordinary plate, or if you wish a sage burning shell, which adds a nice touch.

Walk your quarters or home with your bundle of sage or sage vessel, containing your loose sage leaves and be sure to uninvite negative energy by sternly asking it to leave, never to return.

Be certain that the smoke from the sage enters the corners of your rooms to smooth out any negative vibrations coming forth and invading your serene space.

Covering every room will help cleanse the negativity from your home and invite in positive energy. Think in with the good, out with the bad as your mantra. I know it sounds silly, but it works.

Simple Protection Spell

When you feel that you have adequately cleansed your home and the smell of the sage is still present, take your salt, whether it is sea salt or ordinary table salt as salt is a purifying substance from the sea that seals in healthy and happy energy and vibes, and salt your doorways and windows if you wish.

You can also put a perimeter in salt around your home if you want to be super thorough. You can even salt your mailbox if you want to, symbolically creating positive contact by mail or by phone.

Your salt perimeter should help to keep out negative energy and those horrible psychic vampires who suck out your positive energy and infuse your home with bad vibrations.

Be sure to repeat this ritual if negative energy gets loose again or after arguments and bad feelings between those in your space.
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